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WSS: Wind Scoop System

Wind Scoop System

ARO: Aspect Ratio Optimization

Aspect Ratio Optimization

BBP: Ball bearing Pulleys ®

It's the small details that make the big difference!

FBS: Flexon® Batten system

Insuring perfect profile shape

SRS: Stall Recovery System

Allows to the wings ability to fly and launch at amazingly low speed and the most effective tool in aiding automatic wing recovery in case of a stall

APP: Automatic Pressurising Profile

Increasing an internal pressure and stability when accelerated

BR2: Bullet Riser 2

Reducing of riser drag by 80% and more 

OAA: One Action Acceleration

Allows to simultaneously operate both the speed system and the trimmer for optimized angle of attack at any given speed

LSR: Laser Cut Technology

Reducing drag, 100 times over

EHP: Embedded hook-in points

Reducing drag, 100 times over

Hit Valves: High-Speed Intake Valves

Equipped on L/E for rock solid stability find out

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