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Powered Chutes



Re-designed from the ground up, this conservative tapered planform wing the Cruiser - combines the advantages of both worlds, offering the perfect blend of enhanced performance, speed and handling, with ease of use, extreme safety and user friendly nature of our well known veteran PW and Hybrid.

Lift 450

Lift 450

APCO is proud to make a bold claim - history in the making. The all new LIFT PPC wing is the top of our high end PPC range, reflex profile based, revolutionary concept, to make all past generation PPC wings obsolete.



This Devolpment comes after extensive work by the Apco R&D team. The Hybrid gives you all the best characteristics from the traditional Apco Power Wing 400 & 500 and much more.

Power Wing

Power Wing - крыло для аэрошютов

The Powerwing MK IV, representing a third generation in rectangular wing design (from Apco). It is a logical evolution of the previous MK II design which was well accepted by PPC pilots.

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