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Paraglider wings


Paraglider Lift

LIFT - Apco's first all round purpose built Sports Class reflex wing for wide segment of pilots.

Fun 42 MKIII

Paraglider Fun 42 MKIII

The time has come to make our tandem wing, the popular FUN 42 MKIII into an even better, safer, more responsive and much more fun to fly.

Play 42 MKII

Paraglider Play 42 MKII

Play 42 gained a solid reputation as a safe, reliable, perfect launching tandem wing – A tool of choice for professional tandem pilots.


Paraglider Enigma

ENIGMA – Dictionary definition: "A type of riddle generally expressed in language that requires ingenuity and careful thinking for its solution"


Paraglider Zefira

ZEFIRA is of Hebrew origin meaning Morning star, lighting up the skies. And ZEFIRA will indeed be a rising star in the paragliding skies.

Vista III

Paraglider Vista III

Intended to continue the Vista legacy these totally new wings have been completely redesigned to be fully equipped to meet the toughest challenges.

Thrust IV

Paraglider Thrust IV

Thrust IV born from perfect blend of the best in Thrust III and Thrust HP. In all it is much improved paramotor wing, as well as a very nice, sweet, free flying glider for stress-free, enjoyable flying under power or just soaring.

Karma EVO

Paraglider Karma EVO

Constructed with the students in mind, and instructors feedback - it is super easy glider to fly - Simple and straight forward.


Paraglider Prima

Prima was born in the early 1990's. Since then thousands have been delivered, faithfully serving in paragliding schools all over the world.

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